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I'm a proud Berkeley Native who has loved math and science since I can remember.  I began working with kids when I was still one myself (14) and love helping students of all ages gain the confidence they need to succeed in their academic endeavors.  

As a Mechanical Engineering Graduate from the University of Pennsylvania, I am an expert in all of the subject matter I tutor.  Teaching, however, is about much more than knowing the material.  Every student and every situation is unique and requires unique attention and a specialized approach.  I make sure to cater my teaching style and pace to match the needs of each student I work with and make sure each student has the skills and tools they need to reach their academic and personal goals. 


Misha Yerlick



Algebra - Geometry - Algebra 2 Trigonometry - Pre-calculus

Calculus (AP) - Statistics (AP)

All K-8 Math


Chemistry (AP) - Physics (AP)

Test Prep


SAT II (Math Chemistry, Physics), AP (Chemistry, Calculus, Physics)

My students would never guess it, but I struggled in math in high school yet a few years later earned a B.A. in Mathematics (Magna cum Laude) from UC San Diego.  A tutor made that happen.  Not only did she clear up my individual difficulties, she imparted to me her love of the subject. 


In ten years of teaching high school math, and fourteen years of tutoring, I always strive to do the same with my students.  My experience has been that most students’ struggles in middle or high school reflect shaky fundamentals they brought with them from earlier in their education.  The solution is to work to both reinforce the fundamentals  they may be lacking while keeping up with current topics and building confidence on both fronts. 


Most importantly however, there is no one right way to tutor.  Every student has their own strengths and weaknesses, and as I help them, every student teaches me how to tutor them in turn.

Nicholas Ward


Test Prep


Parent, Berkeley High 

Parent, El Cerrito High

Misha came recommended by a friend back in 2014.  My son needed help in precalculus and so he worked with him for most of his junior year.  After having a good experience, we decided to have Misha tutor our daughter who was taking a precalculus class over the summer. She went on to her junior year to take Calculus AB and really benefited from working with Misha throughout her junior year again.  Misha is very proficient in his knowledge of calculus and does an excellent job at identifying areas in which my kids needed help. I would definitely recommend him!

Parent, Berkeley High

We first started working with Misha several years ago, when my oldest son was still in high school and working with him was very helpful.  Fast forward a few years, and my younger son, a sophomore at Berkeley High, was struggling with Chemistry and Math.  He immediately felt comfortable with Misha and was getting homework done regularly and also doing better on his exams.  He worked with Misha two days per week and I credit his tutoring with helping him to pass both classes [he was close to failing initially].  I highly recommend him without any reservations!


Parent, Berkeley High 

Nick helped my daughter through a very tricky semester at Berkeley High. He helped her raise her grade, and, most importantly, gave her what she needed to approach tests with confidence. She enjoyed working with him and we both can’t Recommend him highly enough.

Student, Test Prep

Misha is the best Math tutor I've ever had! He's attentive and patient, and really helps you get the material.


Algebra - Geometry - Algebra 2 Trigonometry - Pre-calculus

Calculus (AP) - All K-8 Math

SAT (Math)

SAT II (Math)


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